• In memory of our dearly missed colleague and responder, a huge loss to Halstead. Thank you to all that donated in his memory.
    • A large donation has enable HCFR to fund a new updated Terrafix data and Mapping system
    • Daniel Robinson & Sons raise money for new kit bag and oxygen monitor worth £566
    • The Mayor of Halstead nominates HCFR for Mayors charity at Civic Service
    • Donation gratefully recieved via Daniel Robinson and Son Funeral Directors of Halstead on behalf of a bereaved family.
    • Donations received from Halstead's Womens Institue, Womens Guild and Co Op
    • Halstead Bowls Club - very kindly donated a new AED
    • Halstead Roadrunners have provided valuable donations assisting in providing kit
    • Humes the Bakers of Halstead raised a fantastic sum from the sale of bags during 2016 - keeping us mobile and able to support our community

    Community First Responders (CFR), are voluntary groups that give time and meet all the expenses of maintaining the scheme either individually or from donations and sponsorship.

    Apart from the time that responders give, and the emergency equipment we carry, a dedicated response vehicle is required.  This needs to be a reliable car together with fuel and all the other running costs. Schemes are responsible for replacing items such as equipment bags, equipment and safety clothing such as high visibility jackets. We understand that not everyone can give time to becomming a first repsonder, however there are things you can do to help the people of Halstead continue to have access to a Community First Response scheme; any financial support, donations or fund raising would gratefully recieved. 

    We are always looking for help to keep the Halstead First Responders on the road and maximise the amount of time coverage we can offer to our community.

    As with many things in life, people do not appreciate the need, and all the efforts being made until they experience for themselves first hand. In terms of a medical emergency, the ambulance service dispatch an ambulance in repsonse to need, and aim to get to the patient as quickly as possible; the CFR is dispatched as part of this front line response to ensure vital living saving equipment and skills reach the patients as early as possible. Remember that minutes not only cost lives but also can make a difference to other aspects of recovery .

    We are in need of finacnial support to help us continue this service to the Halstead area. Could you offer any help or sponsorship towards the running costs, we particularly need a car designated for the CFR on call, complete with a budget to provide insurance, fuel and maintainence.

    Sponsors, not only have the satisfaction of helping the people of Halstead, but we would aim to promote the names of companies or individual that offer this support.

    If you can help, please contact via email in the first instance: Halstead First Rsponders